1i. Traditional evolution

Snapshot 1 (19-11-2013 13-01) VAN image flag.jpgBritish history has shown a consistent link between a stable cultural tradition and evolutionary progress.

Providing evolution like: The agricultural revolution, The industrial revolution, The transport revolution, The healthcare revolution and The communication revolution.


‘lifecentrestage’ (by enabling neighbours to have FREE street defibrillators & FREE funerals), intends to support many changes in keeping with the history of Britain – in order to improve the status quo and boost everyone’s lives. Please click: Lighter Goodbyes A48

 The ‘Financial Evolution Created By Consumers’ we are helping to sponsor,  can be spread around the world, with the support of enlightened Britons – in a sense, going back to the future!

‘lifecentrestage’ intends to inspire the world, with helpful adaptations to the use of farmland; to support ‘the evolution of money for better lives.

Securing paid work, homes to own, money (without debt and interest) with fun and local food security throughout life for everybody.

This latest evolution, will transform the way money is created, distributed, monitored and supplied – to obtain better value and safer, fairer finance to boost everyone’s lifestyles – in a sustainable stable way.

Pride in our cultural evolutionary tradition, is the hallmark of Britishness – inspiring the world when it needs us most;  thanks to our own unique connection between tradition and timely evolution. Long may we be able to help.

(N.B Timely ‘evolution’ is often connected with the word ‘radical‘, which is often confused with divisive politics or lately with misguided or brainwashed religious fanatics, who are encouraged into horrific actions of aggression; but the word ‘radical’ really refers to: Timely changes for a boost to the fabric of life, which comes from improved method, which everyone can create – from right across the political and social spectrum. We must not associate it with ‘Luddites’, class-led politics  or hate-filled individuals – who more often impede progress. We must move to provide better opportunities. **Better choices which are timely and needed**.

OUR MANTRA IS: Putting ‘life’ centre stage has to make sense to everyone, whatever background they come from.


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