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We are lucky to announce that we have secured ‘The Force For Good’ 

Britain’s six wooly finger puppet hero’s:  J’ion The Lion, J’anda The Panda, J’og The Frog, J’uck the Duck, J’abbit The Rabbit and J’ig The Pig – who have agreed to become our live stream broadcast interviewers.

This astonishing team of finger puppets, will bring their unique talent, to the job of getting the best out of our guests on each show (twice weekly) – Don’t be afraid to join our public audiences!

Meet ‘The Force For Good’ team on:

Soon, we plan to bring you all, exploration into the full scope of what our future can bring. (Through live stream internet broadcasts you can watch at home, or catch up on via Youtube; on The Richard Sibley Channel). Better Than TV UK Movie.

‘First broadcast’: J’ion interviews Richard Sibley, about his proposals for every UK street, to have it’s own ‘Street Shock’ life saving defibrillator, for the quickest response time possible – to reduce one of our biggest killers: ‘Cardiac Arrests’. (Paid for FREE, by people having back, their first £40 of any funeral deposit). Replay the broadcast by clicking:

Dealt with in 4 sections:

1. Have’s and Have not’s.

Each broadcast, used to create opportunities & ways to brighten up the gloom that holds us back; things we don’t need, like:

Unemployment; Life Without Purpose; Homelessness; Bad Habits; Gambling; Exclusion; Poverty.

2. Lack of Opportunities.

Each ‘Better than’ subject, in it’s own broadcast – with ways to rid ourselves of:

Bank Debt; Bank Depositing; Renting Accommodation; Waiting for Body Part Transplants; Lack of Fun.

3. Divisive Thinking.

Each ‘Better Than’ subject, in it’s own broadcast, to offer solutions to:

Ineffective Laws; Party Politics; Religious Incompatibility; Single Sex Parliamentary Representation; Taxation; Fiscal Deficits; Military Spending; World Strife.

4. Unhelpful Funeral Spending.

Each ‘Better Than’ subject, in it’s own broadcast, showing how alternatives to the following can boost our lives:

Funeral Plans; Life Assurance; Cemeteries.


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