UK structure

organisation-structure_95892469[1]Starting from North Somerset. 

Our intention is to find a county coordinator, as one of our initial customers, who will come on our regional team – to spearhead ‘lifecentrestage’, in their own part of Britain; so that everyone can experience, as much of a boost to life as possible.

By linking the country, with regional networks – more opportunities for everyone, becomes possible, on the back of the same funeral spend, as we would budget for anyway.

To explain further; inquiries would be handled centrally (for efficiency and linked-up planning of ‘life-benefits’), then farm-link teams would receive the contact details and link with customers on agreement signing and practical land-use matters.

Once the customer is on board, updates to ‘life-benefits’, invites to activities and seasonal options available, would be listed on our web facilities, both nationally and regionally.

Management would handle deals with existing natural burial ground operators and handle all land purchase inquiries, sort-out any planning approvals and link the farmer to our FREE marketing brand (as well as sort out the services to us, which the farmer is prepared to give customers); e.g. Bed &breakfast and camping facilities, course facilities and work creation schemes. All this to link living benefits to the contracts for funeral spending decisions.

N.B. Being run for the benefit of customers; as has been explained before – more of our income, goes back in ‘living benefits’, than would be provided by businesses which keeps all of their profits.

Our FREE local currency, could be exchanged between regions, so that local currency from one region, could be swapped in other parts of the UK; so that each region balanced-off their local currency swaps. All eventual funerals, being handled locally; all UK transferable.

Emphasis would be placed, on inviting friends and family of customers, to partake in this regeneration of Britains economic, cultural and social life (all via the spending we would have to make anyway, for our eventual ‘celebratory send-off’).

So, if you are in a region away from the west country and you’d be interested, as a customer and/or management member; please contact us soon. & thank you!


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