1a. Using this UK site

This site is for people who hate the idea of wasting a lot of money – especially after someone has died; when it could have improved life so much!

Here we discuss getting more from our money (with or without political action), with a FREE funeral to see us off – after a much better life than most people are used to.

Isn’t that a worthwhile proposition?

To start us off, here’s a little video humour: ‘Always log on the right site of life’ http://youtu.be/AMnBoORwVhE

AND…a video about the political representation we have, called: ‘Humanity After 200,000 Years’. Click to watch it, OK? https://youtu.be/qN_H-Xmmw98

‘The site’s pages’ are listed 1a – z, followed by ‘topics’ listed in alphabetical order, which explain how a boost to life is possible FOR YOU!

EVERYONE CAN WIN!! – The GREAT ‘LIFE’ PRIZE!!  ….go to our topic page: ‘Gambling for winners’

Here at ‘lifecentrestage’, we offer you far more, for your money; a FREE FUNERAL INCLUDED – when you need one, wherever you eventually die in Britain.

To have better lives guaranteed by future spending: GIVING US ‘ALL’ MORE VALUE FROM OUR EVENTUAL FUNERAL BUDGET

….UK WIDE –  John ‘O Groats to Lands End.

I’m personally based near Bristol (our starting point), but have a look at these upbeat videos, about spending benefits we’d all enjoy, instead of just funerals (many more on our VIDEO’S page):

‘Listeners of Hope’ http://youtu.be/BKFhVZ2G7ik

follow on: ‘Pensioner Dreams’ http://youtu.be/zqStpnLxEtY

Step by step – Believe me, by making better choices ‘for ourselves’ (and not waiting for others to do things for us), we ourselves can create all the opportunities we need.


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