1a. Using this UK site

Through use of innovation and options for each community to forge their own solutions, this site, is for people who prefer the idea of boosting their use of money – especially when it could improve life so much!

We shall discuss how getting  a FREE funeral to see us off – can help to fund what could be acheived. But it’s life’s chances we want to talk about first, isn’t it!

Isn’t that a worthwhile proposition?

To start us off, here’s a little video humour: ‘Always log on the right site of life’ http://youtu.be/AMnBoORwVhE

AND…a video about the political representation we have, called: ‘Humanity After 200,000 Years’. Click to watch it, OK? https://youtu.be/qN_H-Xmmw98

‘The site’s pages’ are listed 1a – z, followed by ‘topics’ listed in alphabetical order, which explain how a boost to life is possible FOR YOU!

EVERYONE CAN WIN!! – The GREAT ‘LIFE’ PRIZE!!  ….go to our topic page: ‘Gambling for winners’

Here at ‘lifecentrestage’, we offer you far more, for your money; a FREE FUNERAL INCLUDED – when you need one, wherever you eventually die in Britain.

To have better lives guaranteed by future spending: GIVING US ‘ALL’ MORE VALUE FROM OUR EVENTUAL FUNERAL BUDGET

….UK WIDE –  John ‘O Groats to Lands End.

I’m personally based near Bristol (our starting point), but have a look at these upbeat videos, about spending benefits we’d all enjoy, instead of just funerals (many more on our VIDEO’S page):

‘Listeners of Hope’ http://youtu.be/BKFhVZ2G7ik

follow on: ‘Pensioner Dreams’ http://youtu.be/zqStpnLxEtY

Step by step – Believe me, by making better choices ‘for ourselves’ (and not waiting for others to do things for us), we ourselves can create all the opportunities we need.


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