video[1]ON YOUTUBE NOW!  Always log on the right site of life An Introduction To ‘lifecentrestage’ Welcome Speech

Please google: Happy Brexit EU Humanity After 200,000 Years  The Importance of Street Bought Defibrillators

Please google: The Beautiful Beating Heart  Why Pay To Learn Dear Minister Lets All Sing OO AH Getting The Things We All Need  More money for me?  Wherever you live Intro to Forever… Why Not Forever?  Well Good! Why Pay To Learn?  Marketing To Business Windows The Force For Good  J’ion The Lion  J’anda The Panda  J’og the Frog   J’uck the Duck  J’abbit the Rabbit  J’ig the Pig Taking The Good Biscuit Get Connected To Land Hotting Up Money Hotting Up Jobs Hotting Up Homes Hotting Up Fun  Doing What’s Right County Style Fun Do You Twig It? Switching Funeral Plans To Remember Me By  Lifesongs Listeners of Hope Pensioner Dreams Street Reps Cottage Industrial  p.s. ‘Phone Scotland’ Clan Britannia The Human Tissue Issue Countdown To Positive Money  Street Shock  J’ion interviews Richard Tax-Free PhD America Movie Seen It In The News ‘Putting lifecentrestage’ (play – 1st half) ‘Putting lifecentrestage’ (play – 2nd half) Mothers ‘gin Arms  A Tipi & Building Blocks A Better Bettor What Do We Know? Society’s New Clothes ‘Better Than TV UK’ (On-line live broadcasts)  ‘What Marbles?’  ‘Believe in Yourself’  ‘The Secret World That’s Forever’   London Welcome ‘congestion charge’


Your views (and ‘audio podcasts’) we are working on, include:

1. Meeting one of us to talk about current affairs: The need for sustainable confidence, relationships, homes, money, jobs & more fun.

2. A natural landscape, versus ‘a cemetery’- comparing what they do for us.

3. Taking with people near a high street bank, about their requirements.

4. Talking with people near a funeral director, about what we get from funerals.

5. Talking with people at a crematorium; to assess peoples feelings about them.

6. Talking to mothers with children, about their concerns for ‘childrens’ futures.

7. Talking with people near JobCentrePlus’s, about their current situation.

8. Talking with people near a tax-office, about the affects of the tax system.

9. Talking with people, about getting more ‘direct’ good value, from local farms.

10.Talking with people who badly need organ donation for a life-saving transplant

11.Asking people: if they’d like a defibrillator in their street, to shock hearts before people die?

12.Asking people: if FaceTime live video e-mail telephone calls, from their street would be good?

13.Asking people if they prefer sustainable locally produced homes, or the loss of productive farmland for high profit ‘estate building’, which ruins the edge of communities for ‘boxes’ and large (bad value) debt mortgages?

Please share your views (on the above) by leaving comments. Thanks!


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