1m. Getting funerals & loans

thCA8TZ5A6Village Farms – Funeral Services AND ‘Interest Free Loans Service’,

…is currently being developed at Village Farm Cleeve, North Somerset UK, marketed as: (Well Good services) – in conjunction with: ‘lifecentrestage’ proposals listed on this site.

Backed as we expand by bond holders, who wish to make an improvement to people’s lives – whilst creating a FREE greener unmarked funeral provision for themselves.

Everyone interested in boosting life ongoing, can make contact through our ‘Contact page’ – or ring our farm team on UK number: (07805) 850569.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s talk eh?

About whether it is preferable not to miss the chance, to boost your own life – and leave the future better for others.

All it would take, is for each of us to make smarter choices – job done!

Can we talk early rather than leaving it too late? Cheers!


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