We can live ‘better’

thCAPFPY5EAs Nelson Mandela has proven – we ‘can’ live ‘better’.

Watch our video inspired by the great man above: http://youtu.be/zuEOWymPLZw  The Secret World of Forever

In our case, Britain needs to believe that – we ‘can’ live ‘better’ …‘Better Than’ NOW!

It will only need simple changes, brought about by each of us.

Do you believe in YOURSELF – enough to make the simple choices to live better? Please click: Lighter Goodbyes A48


Do you want a hand, to get on your feet? Are you prepared to help others to be able to get on their feet too?

If you do; then take ideas from this internet site – to alter choices for yourselfit’s as simple as that! All created by buying a ‘bond’ which offers you the right to claim a FREE funeral when you die.

If you’d like to propose someone notable from your area, we’d like to discuss issues with them ‘live’; on our live stream internet TV broadcasts. For more on Richard Sibley’s TV channel, watch http://youtu.be/jILiyr26YcQ Better Than TV UK Movie

Get inspired, watch: ‘Listeners of Hope’ http://youtu.be/BKFhVZ2G7ik


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