Funerals – Greater Bristol

click to see flier to print off: Well Good PROMO

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Well Good Funerals 

and Lighter Goodbyes A48

(Greater Bristol)


Boost life & get one FREE or PAY FOR IT – it’s your choice.

… We’ll offer you a ‘complimentary’ funeral (as a bond holder) – and  Lighter Goodbyes A4a

… or a ‘paid for’ one, from £1,500 to £3,250 ‘everything included within the Greater Bristol area’.  Please note:  prices will vary in other areas.

Either choice will boost the legacy you leave behind – at no extra cost to anyone; to leave the world a better place.

For full details click on our …Benefits to Life page 1s.

Get the most from funeral spending in the Greater Bristol area, ring Richard on (07805) 850569.


To illustrate one option, we have a video (in the style of Gracie Fields)…

It’s about ‘a couple’ talking through ‘one man’s’ view of his funeral wishes. Click here:  ‘Well Good’

Please click the red: Well Good PROMO (at the top) to see our signage.

AND …thanks!  Here’s our card, click on: Funeral card tel (07805) 850569


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