Why stop working?

imagesCALIZS5FThe idea of a pension age cut-off, is so old fashioned.

Leisure time, should be planned-in, right through life, not left until supposed ‘retirement age’!

Economically and socially, it is better, for people to work less hours, at a higher rate – work flexibly; throughout life and work into later life, to maintain fitness and mental awareness.

Fixing living cost outlay, to avoid excessive working hours, that forces us into wage slavery. This would be the pre-requisite to a happy, balanced life.

Our proposals, to boost purchasing power, with local FREE complimentary currency; to be used alongside ‘sterling’, and for people to live debt-free, will create the ability to work less – for longer. A ‘Street Rep’ role will really boost everyone’s life! click: http://youtu.be/l_wWFrePbtM

This means that a private pension top-up (funded by hard-work in earlier life; meaning loss of living standard and early spending options), would largely become unnecessary – putting more money into the real economy, to maintain more productive jobs and less financial service jobs (by transferring labour from one to the other).



– and wealth creating opportunities – even for re-directed banking enterprises, who will be able to get engaged in the real economy, to raise living standards (not drag them down).

You won’t be surprised, when I say, that an agreement to get a better life (funded by a better funeral agreement with us) – will also, make work/life balance easier throughout life – so that you can choose to retire, or cut down hours, when you feel ready (at any stage of life!)

The quicker you fix an agreement (via our ‘Agreement & prices’ page), the sooner your life gets better! Speak to other people, to see what they think. Thanks.


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