Wiping debts out

rocketDo you want: spending which doesn’t incur debts – AND to have no debts?

Debts are not created by nature; nature lives in balance, through the living and dying of things; regulated environmentally.

LONGER TERM: We can only bring balance to human affairs, by removing debt (and debt interest), so that we can continuously buy and sell to each other, stablely, using ‘positive money’ which maintains 100% of it’s value and constantly circulates in the real economy of each community, region, nation (and the world). To get this, it would take years of government decision making.

Please read this pdf: lifecentrestage economics paper …thanks.

This means taking creation of some of our new money supplying needs, away from banks and putting it directly into each part of the economy, as debt free spending power; provided from national treasuries – or creating FREE local currencies, like we intend to.

i.e. Eventually meaning that governments create new stable money, which banks could be asked to distribute to us on demand, with only a fixed handling charge, to cover their costs (with no interest charges, or repayment involved).

As banks are in competition, the ones who contain costs most, will keep enough income, to keep going and make a nice living, engaged in an economy with sustainability; rather than one that see-sawed, to make a guaranteed profit, without risky lending (or fractional reserve exaggerations of their lending base)!

Methods of stable money creation, have been recommended, by many respected people, but none of them put into practice a method by which it could be implemented. Notable among those who argued for debt-free government distributed money, was C.H. Douglas. He put forward proposals to introduce ‘a basic income’ supplied to individuals, to underpin their ability to buy, what was being produced by our businesses; to maintain a return to keep businesses trading and able to support employees, who could buy from them.

Until this is done with ‘sterling’, we will implement C.H. Douglas’s proposal, with introduction of ‘local free spending availability’, that cannot export profits or spending power, outside the area in which it is traded.

Since C.H. Douglas America and the rest of the world, continued ‘debt-based’ money creation, and gave the job of creating new money (now out of thin air, as digital number money), to banks and other financial institutions, who far from serving populations world-wide, served themselves; making the financial sector the most powerful and influential political lobby group imaginable. All to the detriment of ordinary workers and businesses, whose lives are damaged, ‘to fail to serve’, debt repayment, that is never achievable; …because until stable money supplies are created by governments, the only way we can pay off our debts, is for somebody else to take on even more debt.

We aim to end this situation, which restricts the supply of money for short-term protection of those who have a wish to protect arbitrary values. By introducing FREE local currencies, that never return to bank accounts – always staying in circulation!

In reality, there is no such thing as a shortage of spending, only a shortage of willingness to facilitate it. Backed by options for better funerals, it is up to us – to make it happen. Please take a card: Funeral card

FOR NOW, SUGGESTIONS THROUGHOUT THIS SITE, CAN BE CREATED BY OURSELVES – (to stop overindebtedness, often brought on by high street payday loans businesses – as has been talked about in the news recently).

http://youtu.be/hrEHW06dnTk Hotting Up Money, http://youtu.be/z4R3q-RAgr0 Do You Twig It?, http://youtu.be/zeDNwI_4c1A Countdown To Positive Money, http://youtu.be/tVvfKzoyuPg  More money for me? and http://youtu.be/eEFsQLohMd4 Tax-free PhD, by Richard Sibley

THIS IS THE REASON WHY WE ASK if you would agree for us to handle your funeral, so that we can help to construct a far more equitable, sustainable and happy set of opportunities for all.

N.B. Our local currencies will be underwritten by the value of land and our funeral agreement order book revenues AND will never be de-stabilized by interest charges, overindebtedness, bank costs, or over lending in relation to our ability to guarantee the value of currency put out.


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